Paul Terasaki passes away

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 Dr Paul Terasaki – one of the original pioneers in organ transplantation whose work will continue to guide the field in foreseeable future, passed away recently.

Son of immigrants, having spent years in an internment camp after WWII and rising out of deep poverty, he went on to scale heights others would not even dream of. Later, he became a well known philanthropist and made donations to multiple causes.

In 1964, Terasaki developed the microcytotoxicity test, the definitive tissue-typing test for organ transplantation that required only 1 micrometer each of antisera used to identify human leukocyte antigens. The test was adopted as the international standard for tissue typing. He focused on study of the humeral theory of transplant rejection.

He also developed a means for transporting donor kidneys (Collins’ solution), and a solid-phase HLA antibody detection test (widely used today).

He received multiple awards and prized. Click here to read the text of his TTS Medawar prize acceptance speech, and here to read his 2003 interview published in AJT

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